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This two-year curriculum prepares students for careers in the criminal justice field. The combination of a strong academic core with specialized career courses offers the graduate the choice of continuing at an institution of higher learning or seeking direct employment in a criminal justice profession. Career opportunities include federal, state, and local law enforcement, institutional and community-based corrections and treatment alternatives, family and social services, criminal investigations, juvenile services, probation and parole, and careers in military justice.

The curriculum is offered for those already working in criminal justice as well as for high school graduates interested in serving in national, state, local or private agencies involved in this vital profession. Enrollment may be on a full or part-time basis. Many courses are offered in the evening to accommodate in-service personnel and other employed individuals.

Graduation Requirements (61-63 credits)

Graduates of the Criminal Justice/Corrections – AS will have demonstrated:

1. The foundation knowledge of criminal justice core concepts and methods
2. The knowledge of information literacy as it relates to criminal justice
3. The knowledge of career opportunities in the field of criminal justice
4. Critical thinking, oral and written communication skills