Cross Registration


SUNY Sullivan welcomes students to take a course at another institution for graduation purpose.

Cross-Registration Requirements

  • Students must obtain permission from the director of Learning and Student Development Services for any course which they wish to take (cross-register) at another college or university.
  • A minimum grade of C is required for acceptance of any transfer credit.
  • SUNY Sullivan may not accept a transfer course taken without approval.
  • Students wishing to cross-register with another SUNY college or university during the fall or spring semesters must CLICK HERE.
  • Request to Take a Course at Another Institution form must be filled out for any non-SUNY host campus or to cross-register during the summer or winter semesters. This form should be obtained from your academic advisor.

SUNY’s Cross Registration policy is primarily intended to resolve scheduling conflicts for required courses that would delay timely program completion. By providing access to required courses at other SUNY campuses, cross registration allows students to complete requirements in situations where a course or courses are unavailable at their Home Campus.

Eligibility & Limitations

  1. To be eligible for cross registration, students need to be: matriculated in an undergraduate, graduate degree, or certificate program; enrolled in degree applicable credits; and in good academic standing at SUNY Sullivan.
  2. Non-matriculated students (i.e. taking courses but not admitted for a degree or certificate) are not eligible for cross registration.
  3. SUNY Sullivan may limit cross registration to courses that are not offered in the current or subsequent semester; i.e. SUNY Sullivan is not required to approve cross registration requests in cases where the course is available at SUNY Sullivan, but the student wishes to take the course at a different time due to non-academic conflicts.
  4. Both SUNY Sullivan and Host Institutions must approve a student’s request to cross register prior to cross registration. You are responsible for ensuring that the course(s) you register for meets the requirements of your degree. If you change your major/minor, the courses you cross register for may no longer count toward degree requirements.
  5. Students are responsible for meeting the prerequisites for cross-registered courses. Students should discuss prerequisites with their SUNY Sullivan advisor. Host Institutions may review cross registration requests to ensure that students are adequately prepared to succeed in the course.
  6. Students must meet SUNY Sullivan’s and the Host Institution’s deadlines for approvals and registration, including changes in cross registration status.
  7. The cross registration application includes approvals from several offices, including financial aid. The application shall not be considered complete until all required offices have reviewed and approved their appropriate sections.
  8. You are responsible for notifying the appropriate offices on BOTH campuses if you withdraw from a course(s) (Registrar, Student Accounts, Financial Aid, etc.). Failure to do so may result in a failing grade at the Host Institution.
  9. Your completion and submission of this Cross-Registration application indicates your agreement to abide by all regulations imposed by the Host Institution (parking, attendance, library rules, etc.). In addition, the Host Institution may apply rules and regulations to incoming students as it deems necessary (e.g., restrictions on classes based on seat availability). Be sure you are aware of those rules before you cross-register.
  10. Any Health Center (immunization/records/physical exam, etc.) requirements must be met at BOTH institutions, even if they differ.
  11. Students cross registering at community colleges must file residency documents at the Host Institution. This means you will need to provide the Host Institution a Certificate of Residency (must be obtained from the county of your permanent residence).
  12. Registration is the responsibility of the student. You must check with the Host Institution to confirm how they plan to process your form, enrollment, and any necessary additional information or paperwork required to complete the enrollment process.
  13. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure compliance with current SUNY Sullivan college policies regarding, but not limited to: college residency, minimum grade requirements, etc. For a course to transfer, you must earn a minimum of C; a C- and below will not transfer.

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