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Dear Friends,

For more than 48 years, Sullivan County Community College Foundation (the “Foundation”) has been serving SUNY Sullivan Community College with its ongoing purpose to seek and secure private funds to supplement the college’s traditional revenue sources. Working in partnership with donors, we seek to provide funding for scholarship assistance, acquisition of talented faculty, state-of-the-art facilities and innovative programs to enrich the quality of education and enhance the Student’s overall education experience.

A new Facilities Master Plan was recently completed in response to the college’s future Academic Plan. The Master Plan addresses the campus’ overall remediation needs, capital facilities expansion or improvement and environmental green initiatives. While comprehensive and groundbreaking, the Master Plan will require additional funding beyond currently available revenue sources. In response to and driven by the need to assist funding of this ambitious plan, the Foundation has become more engaged and purposeful in its mission to enhance the existing culture of philanthropy by reaching out to friends in the Sullivan community to introduce and orchestrate new drives, events, and sponsorship opportunities among other avenues to raise money.

Whether you make an annual gift, support scholarships for Students, endow a fund to attract educators, make a capital gift to sustain and maintain our campus and facilities, or choose planned giving or bequests, you are making a choice that transforms not only the life of a Student or the success of a program, but all the lives that are touched by them. It is a choice that also affects your own family and the entire community by helping to guide young eager minds to participate and provide the resources to later lead the local community and the economy into a prosperous future.

A gift of money or time is an expression of the values you hold, values that can be passed on to Students. That is one of the most wonderful aspects of giving – it is not done in isolation, but in partnership.

Thank you for the continued support and generosity.

Jose Herrera
Foundation Chairman


Patricia Adams, SUNY Sullivan Board of Trustees Representative
Roberta Byron-Lockwood
Jose Herrera, Chairman
Helena Manzione
Judith Schwartzstein
Bret Silver
Migs Wright


The SUNY Sullivan Foundation seeks and secures private funds to supplement the College’s traditional revenue sources. Through ongoing efforts, it provides scholarship assistance, funding for equipment, enrichment programs, and the ability to enhance and strengthen selected academic areas and programs that prepare a Student for life after formal education.

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