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Admissions How do I apply? What documents do I need? What is the out-of-state and international student cost? Am I a good candidate for the 24-credit hour Program? admissions@sunysullivan.edu
Academics Trouble reaching your faculty? Need help with an academic policy question? academicconcerns@sunysullivan.edu
Learning Center I’m not sure how to register for classes?  How do I contact a personal counselor? How do I transfer in the fall? How do I get disability accommodations? How do I change my major? learningcommons@sunysullivan.edu
Student Billing How can I pay my bill? What do I still owe? Why is there still a ‘Hold’ on my account? billing@sunysullivan.edu
Financial Aid Am I eligible for loans? I don’t understand how to file for federal financial aid? Is there state aid? I have questions regarding my Loans, Tap, Pell or Work Study. finaid@sunysullivan.edu
Registrar How can I find out about graduation and diplomas? How do I register for the summer session? How do I get forms completed by the Registrar's? How do I get my previous college transcripts evaluated? registrar@sunysullivan.edu
Human Resources Where can I find available positions? How can I learn more about benefits and/or policies? employment@sunysullivan.edu

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