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Welcome to the Tutoring Center at SUNY Sullivan. Free DROP-IN TUTORING (in person or online, in some cases) is provided by professors as well as professional tutors for all students throughout most days and early evenings.

A critical part of the SUNY Sullivan experience is the support our staff and faculty provide to all students throughout their academic careers. The people who work at SUNY Sullivan are here to ensure students’ success. That is one of the advantages of a small school: students, instructors, and the staff get to know each other. In addition to the support that is built into all of our courses, students are provided access to tutoring, career counseling, mentoring, and coaching. All new students, as well as those who need a bit more help navigating the challenges of an academic program, are assigned a tutor or a coach who can help you with subject-specific questions or more general topics like developing good study skills, mapping out a career path, or getting involved in student activities. Research shows that students who get this kind of support on campus have higher rates of college completion and better grades, too. We are here to make sure you succeed!

Students are always welcome - whether they need a tutor, or answers to questions regarding coursework, or just want a quiet place to study. We look forward to assisting you!

Professors are also making themselves available in the Learning Commons during various Office Hours. Visit the Tutoring Schedule page for specifics, or contact your professor for more information.

Tutoring can help improve your:

  • Studying Skills
  • Test-Taking
  • Test Preparation
  • Problem-Solving
  • Time Management
  • Confidence

In fact, SUNY Sullivan's FREE tutoring - available for as many hours as you need each week - can be a great asset to help strengthen yourself as a student and even work on skills that can be used outside of academics.

If you have any questions or need help connecting with a tutor, email Naquan Holman at  nholman@sunysullivan.edu.


The Learning Commons Tutoring Center is a full-service study center where students can prepare for their classes, work on assignments, study in small groups, or receive focused tutoring.

Again, you do not have to meet with a tutor to make use of the tutoring spaces on campus; you can use each area as somewhere to get your work done. Open from September through May, the Learning Commons is equipped with work tables, couches, 20 computers, and a printer.

  • To play an integral role in student development.

  • Provide students access to resources on campus that will help them become self-sufficient inside and outside the classroom.

  • To be a bridge of communication between students and faculty to continue to improve student learning.

  • Attend tutoring throughout the semester, not only when you think you “need” it.
  • Use downtime in between classes for tutoring.
  • For every hour in class, try to spend a hour in tutoring.
  • Feel free to bring your lunch to the Tutoring Center.
  • Make attending tutoring a group activity.
  • Come prepared to the tutoring session by bringing your textbook, notebook, class syllabus, notes, previous assignments, and any other relevant materials. Attempt homework assignments before you attend tutoring and be prepared to ask questions. 
  • Tutoring is a supplement to your class. It is important that you attend class regularly and utilize your professor’s office hours.
  • Students are expected to attend all pre-booked appointments, except in times of an emergency. If you are unable to attend your appointment, you must cancel the appointment at least an hour before the start of the session. 
  • When meeting with a Tutor, it is expected that you will treat the tutors with the mutual respect and professionalism that they deserve while supporting your success and you deserve while seeking assistance.

Learning Commons Tutoring Center Hours

September– May

Monday-Thursday: 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday: Closed  

Learning Commons Tutoring Center E201

(One-Stop Office, 2nd Fl.)
845-434-5750 x 4391


Naquan Holman

Naquan Holman

Coordinator of Tutorial & Student Success Services

 (845) 730-3118


Anthony Sinacore

Professional Tutor/Adjunct

Leah Fitzgerald

Leah Fitzgerald

Professional Tutor


Felyluz (Bobbie) Laguio

Adjunct/Professional Tutor

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