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Welcome to the SUNY Sullivan Office of Public Safety. Safety is a top priority at the college, and we’re here to help make your time on campus a safe and enjoyable one.

The college has a variety of measures in place to ensure the well-being of the entire campus community.  SUNY Sullivan currently utilizes a team of experienced peace officers, private security guards and local law enforcement. Both the director and assistant director of the office of public safety are designated peace officers who, according to New York State law, have the power to carry firearms, investigate incidents and make arrests on campus. 

SUNY Sullivan also works with a private company to provide enhanced security services on campus and at the residence hall. During special events, additional security personnel are added as needed. In 2006, the college launched a “Deputy on Campus” program in conjunction with the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office. Through this cooperative effort, uniformed deputies work closely with our peace officers and private security force to patrol campus, maintain the peace and help prevent crime.

The Office of Public safety, along with our students, faculty, staff and visitors, have a shared responsibility for making the college a safe place to learn and socialize. There is much you can do to help maintain a positive environment on campus.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

New York State Police

Fallsburg Police Department


To receive critical notifications in emergency situations, sign up for an Everbridge account and receive crucial information in record time. All students, staff and faculty are strongly encouraged to enter into the Everbridge system.

DIAL 360


Campus Safety & Security C115


Students are invited to report NON-EMERGENCY crimes, share tips, etc. anonymously via the below form.

NOTE: DO NOT use the below form for matters requiring immediate assistance. Call 911 or from a cell phone call (845) 434-5750 x4315, or dial 360 from any campus phone.

Anonymous Reporting Form

  • Leave blank if you wish to remain anonymous.
  • Leave blank if you wish to remain anonymous.
  • Leave blank if you wish to remain anonymous.
  • Enter your information in the space provided below. Please be as specific as possible including names, dates, times, location, etc…
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Please note that this report is intended to provide tips and leads for College Public Safety, and/or the Police. Our ability to fully investigate criminal incidents based solely on anonymous reporting may be limited due to legal restrictions. We guarantee anonymity to those who omit their personal details; therefore, we will not re-contact you for additional information if you've chosen to report an incident anonymously.

Alternatively, If you wish to be contacted for additional information, please provide your contact information so that we may follow up on your report. Your contact information will always be kept confidential unless you choose to become actively involved in an investigation and agree to the use of your name.

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