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Request Communication Support

SUNY Sullivan staff and faculty are strongly encouraged to submit this Communications Support Request Form as the first step toward promoting your SUNY Sullivan event, project, services, class, or other news.

Please submit information 6-8 weeks in advance of the event or project, or 3-4 months in advance for a new class or program. 

Once submitted, a member of the SUNY Sullivan Communications team will contact you within three (3) to four (4) business days to discuss your request, offer options to meet your marketing objectives, and talk about how your request fits into our scheduled projects.

CLICK HERE to submit your event for inclusion on the SUNY Sullivan's website events calendar.

If you have any questions, please email Eleanor Davis at

  • Preparation: Some project requests require you to provide text or image files. Please gather the relevant information/materials before submitting this form.
  • Please do not submit “working” or draft details that have not been confirmed.
  • Content Review: To ensure a high-quality product, please review the written content on any submitted documents related to this request and verify accuracy of all information, including:
    • Correct spelling of names and titles of people, institutions, degrees, awards, and places
    • Dates and times
    • All numbers, percentages, enrollment data, dollar values, statistics (including the citing source) from other sources
    • Addresses, e-mail, and phone numbers


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