Institutional Research

Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research reports to the Vice President for Advancement, Partnerships and Community Learning.

Department Mission

The Office of Institutional Research seeks to meet the needs of the college by:

  • reporting on the demographic and statistical profile of the college, its students and staff in a timely and understandable manner,
  • supporting college departments and programs with research to meet their information needs,
  • providing timely and accurate information to outside entities — including statutory and regulatory reporting, responses to guidebooks, etc.,
  • creating linkages between strategic planning, college goals, and institutional data, and
  • facilitating and participating in ongoing and meaningful discussions of the college’s purpose and performance.

Department Vision

The Office of Institutional Research will support the mission and strategic directions of the college by providing accurate, timely, and reliable information to respond to the research needs of the various institutional constituencies in ways that are both accessible and useful. It will engage in and support processes for determining and documenting the effectiveness of programs and services and the institution as a whole in order to foster continuous quality improvement. The Office of Institutional Research will be recognized for its excellent customer service and will provide reporting for informed decision making that is unbiased and of the highest quality.

Institutional Research is committed to the values of:

  • Professional ethics,
  • Customer service,
  • Reliability,
  • Teamwork, and
  • Confidentiality.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Manage research and data for accreditation.
  • Conduct institutional studies for major decision support.
  • Manage administration of and provide analysis for campus-wide surveys.
  • External reporting such as IPEDS, NYSED, SUNY, College Board, ACT, etc.
  • Oversee research activities conducted by faculty, staff, students or external persons that may involve human subjects.
  • Provide data and research for grant proposals and grant reporting.
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