Programs of Study

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Degree: AS  |  Graduation Requirements: 61 credits

Program Summary:

The Associate in Science degree program is a two year university-parallel program recommended for those who plan to transfer to a four-year school with a major in science or a science-oriented field.

Preparation for professional fields such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and chiropractic can be initiated with this program.

The student entering this program should be well grounded in mathematics and sciences at the high school level, since this is the major emphasis of the program.

An entering student should have three years of Regents mathematics and three years of Regents science or their equivalent. A student with less preparation will require more time to complete the program.

The SUNY Sullivan


Graduates of the Liberal Arts and Sciences – AS will have demonstrated:

  • Knowledge of the principles of chemistry, mathematics, and either biology or physics, depending on their chosen path of study

  • The ability to conduct scientific experiments using the scientific method

  • The ability to work safely and effectively in a laboratory environment, using a variety of laboratory equipment

  • The critical thinking skills necessary to draw conclusions from scientific

  • Graduates will also be able to transfer to four-year institutions to earn a bachelor’s degree in science

  • The ability to perform and cite research in various Liberal Arts formats

Composition I
MAT 1206 or higher
General Chemistry I
GEN ED: Course from list 3
GEN ED: Course from list 7
MAT 1301 or higher
General Chemistry II
SCI Elective w/ Lab
PED prefix course
Fundamentals of Speech
MAT/SCI prefix course w/ Lab
GEN ED: Course from list 6 or 9
GEN ED: Course from list 4, 5, or 8
SCI Elective w/ Lab*
SCI prefix course
MAT 2203/2301/2302/2401/1004
PED Course with the PED prefix
SCI Elective with Lab by Advisement*
Free Elective

*All students must have one of the following: Physics I & II (SCI 1302 and SCI 2302 – Calculus Physics – recommended) OR Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II OR Principles of Biology I and II.


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Check out SUNY’s Course Equivalencies to find out what and how courses will transfer.

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