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Recreation Leadership: Sports Management

Degree: AAS  |  Graduation Requirements: 61 credits

Program Summary:

This 2-year program is designed for students who wish to combine a practical business background with an interest in the sports world. Course work and leadership experience in Sport Management are emphasized in the program.

Graduates of the Recreation Leadership/Sports Management AAS will have demonstrated the following learning outcomes:

Foundation knowledge of sports management/recreation leadership core concepts and methods:

  • Scope of physical education, sport, recreation and leisure today in terms of past present and future trends concerning organized programs, leadership, funding,
    sponsorship and professional organization
  • Goals and overall philosophical base of the physical education, sport, recreation, leisure field in modern society as well as the problems, challenges and issues that face leaders in today’s society
  • Understanding of the relationship between leisure, recreation, and health
  • Knowledge of the process used in the delivery of therapeutic recreation services
  • Knowledge and understanding of coaching as a profession
  • Knowledge and understanding of sport and event management
  • Exercise facts and basic knowledge of fitness
  • Problem solving – decision making for lifetime fitness
  • Components of a sound philosophy as it pertains to interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics
  • Administrative processes essential to a successful sports program including budgeting, record keeping, public relations, and facility management
  • Problem solving and decision making for implementing new camp programs
  • Task generalization and sufficient evaluation of methods essential for camp settings
  • The importance of human resource management in sports
  • Basic understanding of the laws regarding liability, contract law and risk management as it pertains to sports management

Knowledge of information literacy as it relates to recreation leadership/sport management:

  • Interpret both the theoretical and practical aspect of physical education, sport, recreation, leisure fields
  • Analyze the scholarly meaning of physical education, sports, recreation and leisure as seen from the perspectives of such social and behavioral sciences as
    history, sociology, psychology and economics
  • Explore scientific principles as they relate to athletic training and conditioning
  • Distinguish the effects of psychological, sociological, and environmental variables on athletic training and competition
  • Basic library, research and communication skills
  • Ability to understand, summarize, analyze and critically evaluate
  • Sources of recreation leadership/sport management information

Critical thinking, oral and written communication skills:

  • General communication skills
  • Instruction in and assessment of critical thinking skills

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Opportunities in the field of recreation leadership/sport management:

  • Professional sports management, educational athletics, leisure products, sport clubs and camps, and sport retailing and manufacturing

  • Career options in event management and game administration

  • Different settings of practice for therapeutic recreation

  • Educational transfer opportunities in recreation leadership/sport management

PE, Sport, Recreation & Leisure
Composition I
General Psychology
Business Mathematics
Elective By Advisement
ENG/HUM/FLA prefix course
Principles of Management
Philosophy of Sport
Introduction to Biology I w/ Lab
Principles of Biology I
Physical Fitness & Wellness
Sport & Event Practicum
Fundamentals of Speech
Health Sciences Applied to Coaching
Therapeutic Recreation
Advanced First Aid and CPR
Theory & Techniques of Coaching
Management of Event Operations
Introduction to Developmental Disabilities
Liberal Arts Elective
Summer Camp Leadership
Elective By Advisement
PED prefix course


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