High School Equivalency Program

24 & SCORE!

SUNY Sullivan’s 24-Credit Hour High School Equivalency Program lets you enroll in a degree program AND earn a high school equivalency diploma simultaneously after completing twenty-four (24) college credits in the following areas with a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 (C) or better:

  • Six (6) credits in English Language Arts, which can include writing, speaking, and/or literature
  • Three (3) credits in mathematics
  • Three (3) credits in natural science
  • Three (3) credits in social science
  • Three (3) credits in humanities
  • Six (6) credits in student’s degree program

All twenty-four (24) college credits apply toward a degree or certificate program. Students may take additional credits while completing the 24-credit hour program, including developmental education courses; however, those do not count toward the twenty-four (24) credits. Financial aid programs are available to qualifying students.

If you have questions, call the Office of Admissions at 845-434-5750 x4287.

  • Homeschooled students
  • Students who have stopped attending high school
  • School-aged students who wish to attend college early
  • Adults with a high school diploma not recognized in New York State
  • Adults without a high school diploma

NOTE: Some students will need permission from their local high school to participate.

  • Complete an application for admission to SUNY Sullivan.
  • Our schedulers will contact you to set up an appointment.
  • If you intend to apply for financial aid, complete your FAFSA.
  • Have your high school mail or fax an official academic transcript of all work completed before you withdrew.


We strongly encourage you to apply for financial aid as soon as you start your application to ensure that you will have the aid you need.

Once you are admitted, there are Next Steps to Becoming a General that you’ll also need to complete.

Admissions Office

Interested in attending SUNY Sullivan but not sure where to begin?

The Admissions Office is here to help. We recruit, counsel, and accept all eligible prospective students from Sullivan County and beyond. We aim to support a rich and rewarding college experience for all students, distributing helpful information to enhance career prospects and academic standing.

Admissions Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

One-Stop Office E Building


Our mission is to provide staff and resources to recruit, counsel and accept all eligible prospective students for SUNY Sullivan enrollment. To support a rich and rewarding college experience for its students. Admissions recruits a diverse student body from both within the Sullivan County Community and beyond. Information regarding SUNY Sullivan’s academic programs, student life and the enrollment process is promoted by Admissions through a variety of means to enhance prospective students’ academic careers and Sullivan County’s workforce.

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