Paying for College

Academic Appeals

Appeal Procedures

Students can appeal the loss of federal aid eligibility if there were extenuating or special circumstances beyond their control. To appeal your Satisfactory Academic Progress status, you must:

  • Typewritten letter explanation of circumstances
  • Submit required documentation detailing the extenuating circumstances Considerations for appeals exist if you had but are not limited to:
      1. A severe illness, medical condition, injury, medical emergency, traumatic life altering experience, including financial, and/or personal catastrophe, death of a parent, spouse, immediate family member, etc.
  • Academic Improvement Plan

Submitting an appeal does not guarantee approval to reinstate your eligibility for receiving financial aid.

Appeal Approval Conditions

Appeals can only be approved if the SAP Appeal Committee determines:

  • You will be able to meet SUNY Sullivan’s satisfactory academic progress chart after the next payment period; or
  • You have agreed to follow an Academic Plan that, if followed, will ensure that the student can meet the college’s satisfactory academic progress guidelines by a specific point in time

If your appeal is granted:

  • You will receive aid on a conditional basis for one semester (this is known as the probationary period)
  • The conditions will be outlined in a letter sent to you granting the appeal
  • The SAP Appeal Committee will review your record at the end of the semester to determine your status for the following semester

If your appeal is not granted:

  • You may appeal to the Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs

Students who fail to meet the conditions outlined in their individualized academic plans during their probationary semester will not be allowed to submit a subsequent appeal.

Appeals should be submitted by their respective deadlines:

  • August 15 for fall federal aid
  • January 10 for spring federal aid

If an appeal is submitted after the deadline dates, students will need to make arrangements for alternative means of payment (other than financial aid) for tuition and fees due to processing time.



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