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Computer Programming

Degree: AAS  |  Graduation Requirements: 64 credits

Program Summary:

Students in Computer Programming learn to create and deconstruct the algorithms and code behind modern computer languages. Beginning with the pseudo code used in logic and problem-solving, students move through Visual BasicJava, and C++ using an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) methodology.

After successfully completing the requirements of the Computer Programming AAS degree program, students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of:

  • Computer hardware: components, purpose, relationships & integration
  • Computer software: usage, design, installation, management, configuration, debugging, & file management
  • Operating systems
  • The fundamentals of algorithms
  • Mathematical skills as applied to problem-solving & logic
  • The fundamentals of Microsoft Visual Basic
  • The fundamentals of Microsoft Visual C++
  • The fundamentals of Java
  • Object-oriented programming methodology
  • The fundamentals of data structures
  • The fundamentals of database management
  • The fundamentals of systems analysis
  • The fundamentals of project management
  • The fundamentals of accounting
  • The fundamentals of business management

Graduates will also be prepared to:

  • Write algorithms to solve real-world problems
  • Create, edit, maintain, and query databases using structured query language
  • Work effectively in goal-oriented development teams
  • Use object-oriented programming methodologies in systems development
  • Apply the systems development lifecycle in project management
  • Produce written, oral, and visual communication that clearly expresses and documents their ideas
  • Apply a basic foundation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to solve real-world problems
  • Create and maintain web pages and web sites

Introduction to Computer Science
A Liberal Arts elective
Composition I
MAT 1005, 1205, 1206, 1301 or higher
Logic and Problem Solving
CPT Elective
Fundamentals of Speech OR Intercultural Communication
A course with a SCI prefix and lab
Web Design and Development
Database Management
Object-Oriented Programming
CPT Elective
A Liberal Arts elective
Data Structures
Systems Analysis
Mobile Application Programming
A course with a PED prefix


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