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Microcredentials  |  Completion Requirements: 10 credits


Add verified skills and competencies to your resume with short, flexible, and stackable microcredentials from SUNY Sullivan. Whether you're rounding out your degree program or adding a new skill for career advancement or change, SUNY Sullivan microcredentials can help you achieve your goals without slowing down.


Program Summary:

Earners of this badge have learned the basic concepts of Phlebotomy. Students acquired a comprehensive knowledge of Phlebotomy's theory, principles, and practice, including selection and use of instrumentation, asepsis, safety issues, laboratory information, legal issues, diagnostic tests, proper labeling, and transport of specimens. Students recognize the sites and medical conditions where venipuncture is contraindicated and demonstrate the skill to perform capillary and venipuncture draws.

This microcredential prepares students for the National Healthcare Association Certified Phlebotomy Technician Certification exam. To become a phlebotomist students must pass the Phlebotomy Technician Certification exam.

Skills: biology, blood collection, EKG, electrocardiography, medical assistant, medical assistance, medical science, medical terminology, phlebotomy

This Microcredential can be stacked into our Medical Assistant 1-year Certificate and/or AAS degree.

Medical Terminology for Medical Assisting
Basic Phlebotomy/EKG
Introduction to Biology or Principles of Biology


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