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  • Meet with your academic advisor to review your completed track sheet and transcript. Determine if all the degree requirements will be successfully met by the end of the current (or next) semester. All necessary course substitutions must be submitted to the division dean/chair for review and approval.
  • After reviewing your track sheet, if you have completed all the necessary requirements, your advisor will submit your approved track sheet to the Registrar’s Office.
  • Apply online!  Log in to your My SUNY Sullivan account and apply here.
  • The graduation fee must be paid by mailing a check to Student Billing or with a credit card on your My SUNY Sullivan account.
  • The initial graduation audit takes approximately 5-10 business days. The final audit is completed at the end of your last semester, after grades are processed. As of September 1, 2020, the graduation fee is $50 ($25 for a second degree), and, if you graduate with honors (3.25 or higher GPA), you may also request an honors cord. All payments must be made to the Student Billing Office. Please note that no transcript or diploma will be released prior to the fee being paid.
  • The Registrar posts a list of “Cleared Potential Graduates” [passed the initial audit] on the bulletin board next to the registration window.



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