Liberty Partnerships Program

Bright Futures Liberty Partnerships Program

The Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) was established statewide in 1988 under Section 612, Subdivision 6 of the Education Law to address the significant school dropout rate among New York’s youth.

Since then, LPP has been included in the New York State Education Department’s Statewide Plan for Higher Education as part of its strategy to maximize the successful transition of middle and high school students who are considering dropping out of school to higher education and the competitive demands of today’s job market.

The SUNY Sullivan Brighter Futures LPP program is contracted to serve 225 students in middle and high school from the Fallsburg, Liberty, Monticello and Sullivan County BOCES School Districts.

SUNY Sullivan Brighter Futures LPP partners with the following community-based organizations:

All partners combine resources to increase high school graduation rates and promote college & career readiness; factors and red flags that signal a student’s chance of not completing high school are addressed.

LPP staff works together to evaluate students, prepare individual learning plans (PLPs), organize students into appropriate tutoring and mentoring cohorts, and refer students who are experiencing academic or personal/emotional crisis to agencies that specialize in recovery and intervention.

Civic responsibility, leadership skills, and volunteerism are also highlighted. Additionally, students participate in service learning projects that improve their communities.

Mentoring, tutoring, study skills classes, field trips, admissions & financial aid workshops, college level classes, and a summer on-campus program are provided through the LPP program.


Students in grades 6-12 are eligible to participate.

The SS LPP program is designed to promote successful graduation, college readiness and career development among eligible high school students who need some additional assistance to help them meet their goals. LPP programming in the Fallsburg, Liberty and Monticello school districts should begin during the week of October 23rd.

Explore our program elements in more detail below:

Based on records received from the schools, teacher/guidance counselor input, social emotional assessments and college & career readiness assessments administered by LPP, each student will have an individual learning plan prepared. The plans will identify what academic, social or life-after-HS preparation skills are needed for each student. The LPP assessments will be administered annually to track a students’ progress, and the Middle School students will also receive a post-test at the end of each year.

During the after-school program, students are encouraged to continue seeking out tutoring help from their teachers, and existing tutoring programs if their school district is offering them. LPP will offer general homework help, assistance preparing for Regents and ACT exams, and tutoring as needed in specific subjects.

In January, LPP will be starting the “Be Greater than Average” math review project. Evidence has shown that students who successfully completed Algebra and Geometry during their freshman and sophomore years have difficulty maintaining their skills through their HS senior year, when they may take college placement exams. Many students have to take Developmental Math courses in college, or if they place into college level Algebra, very often fail and have to repeat classes. This depletes available Financial Aid, and often delays graduation for college students. The students will receive weekly low pressure Algebra and Geometry reviews led by a SUNY Sullivan professor, which will keep their math skills fresh, leaving students prepared for college math courses.

Skills needed to be competitive and successful in the workplace and in college courses will be emphasized in all LPP activities.

During the course of the year all students will receive mentoring in a variety of subjects related to college & career preparedness: workshops on the transition from HS to college, general job skills preparedness, interviewing skills, leadership skills, service learning, creating effective resumes, job shadowing opportunities, college site visits, field trips, plus college Admissions & Financial Aid (FAFSA) workshops designed to help students and parents/guardians complete their applications.

Other mentoring topics that will help prepare students for MS and HS challenges, as well as life after HS will include critical thinking and perseverance workshops, a series of activities related to interpersonal communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution skills.

The students will receive regular visits from a variety of professionals and professors that will introduce various career paths and college majors.  Speakers will also be involving students in creative activities related to the topics they are presenting.

Students will visit the Hurleyville THINC Technology Hub And Incubator after school, where they can turn creative ideas into reality. This year’s THINC projects will include the following:

  • Art and the Laser Cutter
    Create laser cut designs on wood, paper or cardboard using simple digital images, digital sketches, photographs, mathematical patterns or original artwork. Previous experience in art is not required!
  • Digital Storytelling / Animation
    Create stop motion animation or pixilation using a cell phone. Participants will use PhotoShop and their own photographs for this activity. Cell phones not required; cameras will be available.
  • Design and Print in 3D
    Design your own cell phone case or other useful object using the Lulzbot 3D printer. Tech skills or previous experience not required!

LPP will run a four-week summer program on the SUNY Sullivan Campus.  Students can choose to participate for one week or all four weeks.  Busing will be provided from specified school district locations.  Planned activities include a Computer Science Gaming camp, campus job shadowing, SAT prep, career exploration, plus sports recreation and arts activities. Students will be offered scholarships to attend college level courses with extra tutoring support if the student chooses to commit to all four weeks.

LPP will be making special efforts to increase parent and guardian involvement in their student’s education.  They will be encouraged to attend field trips, special leadership trips, meet with LPP staff during parent-teacher nights, and to meet one-on-one with our mentors at least once per year for an overall review of the student’s needs and progress.  Family involvement increases every student’s chances of success.

LPP seeks to assure that students receive assistance with anything that may be interfering with their ability to thrive.  Any student who finds him or herself in a social or emotional crisis or trauma will have access to Catholic Charities personal counseling, and seamless referral to a variety of Sullivan County service organizations through our partner Sullivan Agencies Leading Together (SALT).

Contact Us Today!

Valerie Brescia

SUNY Sullivan Liberty Partnerships Program Director
845-434-5750 x4264
Fax:  845-434-4806

Brighter Futures LPP During & After-School Schedule

  • Fallsburg Jr/Sr High School:
    • Daytime Tutoring and Mentoring by appointment*
    • Push-In: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.- Time depending on students study hall schedule*
  • Liberty Middle and High School: 
    • Daytime Tutoring and Mentoring by appointment*
    • After-school tutoring and mentoring*, Mon/Wed 3 p.m.-4 p.m.
  • Monticello Middle School:
    • Middle School 8th (Room 203) & 9th Period (Room 211), Wed/Thurs 12:45 p.m.-2:15 p.m.
    • After-school tutoring and mentoring: Room 308 Wed 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Monticello High School:
    • High School 8th & 9th Period: Mon/Tues 12:45 p.m.-2:15 p.m.
    • A Days: Room 233 periods 8th & 9th
    • *B Days: Room 214 periods 8th & 9th
    • After-School tutoring and mentoring: Room 220 Mon 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

*When school is in session


The Statewide Liberty Partnerships Program provides leadership and resources to ensure that students who need extra help meeting their goals will achieve academic and personal excellence, graduate from high school, and enter post-secondary education and/or the workforce as highly competent and compassionate adults.

By building a solid support system, mentoring, academic tutoring and individual learning plans, SUNY Sullivan Brighter Futures LPP will provide support to at-risk students, with the goal of reducing the drop-out rate, enabling students to graduate from high school, and preparing them for higher education or entering the workforce.

The program concentrates on the critical transition periods from middle to high school, high school to college or high school to meaningful employment. The program strongly encourages students to pursue post-secondary education, and to apply for New York state scholarships.

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