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Gain New Skills, Knowledge & Experience with Microcredentials

Add verified skills and competencies to your resume with short, flexible microcredentials from SUNY Sullivan. Whether you're rounding out your degree program or adding a new skill for career advancement or change, SUNY Sullivan microcredentials can help you achieve your goals.

SUNY Sullivan’s microcredentials are setting the standard nationally and internationally for high-quality, stackable credentials designed for today's learner. All of SUNY Sullivan's microcredentials are designed to be:


Academic quality is paramount in the development and approval of SUNY microcredentials.


Each microcredential has immediate value and, where possible, stacks together with other microcredentials or learning experiences to meet the requirements of a certificate, initial or advanced degree.


Microcredentials are designed to meet current and emerging market needs and align with relevant industry standards.


Completion of our microcredentials is recorded on your transcript and/or highlighted in a digital badge so your accomplishments travel with you.

Non-matriculated students taking microcredentials that have an asterisk next to them may be eligible to have the New York State Tuition Assistance Program for Non-Degree Programs cover part of the cost of tuition if you are economically eligible as follows and meet other requirements:

  • $80,000 for dependent undergraduate students, or independent students who are married and have tax dependents, or independent students who are unmarried and have tax dependents, or beginning with the 2014-15 academic year, students who qualify as an orphan, foster child or ward of the court
  • $40,000 for independent undergraduate students who are married and have no other tax dependents
  • $10,000 for single independent undergraduate students with no tax dependents

If you believe you earn less than the amount listed in the criteria above, you may be able to apply for the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) to partially cover the cost of your tuition for this program.

If you later enroll in a degree program at SUNY, this course will transfer for credit.

Apply for the 2023-24 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) today and link directly from your FAFSA summary page to complete the 2023-24 NYS TAP application.

Also, please note that you have a lifetime of eight (8) semesters of TAP. These will be pro-rated for the number of credits you earn, but this will use a portion of your lifetime TAP eligibility. Learn more about the new Non-Degree Part-Time Tap Program today!

Please contact the Financial Aid department at to explore your financial options.

NOTE: NYS Non-Degree Part-Time Tuition Assistance is applicable to all microcredentials listed with an asterisk below (*).


  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Microcredentials are short, focused credentials designed to provide in-demand skills and experience in a particular field. SUNY Sullivan’s microcredentials are “stackable” — meaning, they can provide a pathway to a certificate or full degree, now or when you are ready.

Microcredentials are groups of three to five courses that can be taken as a standalone program or you can stack them to create a pathway to earn a certificate or full degree. They are designed to help you quickly develop relevant skills to obtain employment or to enhance your skills to advance your career. Courses may be offered online and/or in-person depending on the microcredential program. As a student, enrolled in a microcredential program, you have access to SUNY Sullivan's academic support and campus resources.

Anyone seeking to advance their career or increase their earning potential, those needing to up-skill or make a career change, those looking to come back to the job market, and yes, those looking for fun, engaging, learning to support a hobby or interest.

Microcredentials are also suitable for current students and alumni who want to concentrate on a particular skill or area of interest. Credits earned in a microcredential program may apply toward your degree program.

Apply for Free and complete the College's application. When answering question 11 in section 2 on the application, click on the drop-down box and search for the name of the microcredential in which you would like to enroll.

For more information about our Microcredential programs contact SUNY Sullivan at 845-434-5750 extension 4255, or email


Effective immediately, the COVID-19 vaccine will no longer be mandated for students to attend SUNY Sullivan, with the exception of Nursing and Respiratory Care students.

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