Welcome to the Office of Student Activities located in Statler Hall (upper H building) in room H122 next door to the Kaplan Student Union.

SUNY Sullivan offers a full campus life experience including a variety of student activities, clubs and organizations, intramural sports programs and fitness & wellness classes. In addition, there’s the Kaplan Student Union, which serves as home to the student offices as well as offers a place for you to hang out or play pool or video games.

Student activities complement and enhance your overall educational experience. In particular, your involvement in student activities can expose you to a variety of social, cultural, intellectual, spiritual, recreational, service learning and leadership opportunities. In addition, participating in these types of activities can give you an edge after graduation whether you transfer to a four-year college or university or begin a new career. So take advantage of the many ways you can interact with other students, faculty and staff as well as build life-long friendships, have fun and learn outside the classroom.