Congratulations on your acceptance to SUNY Sullivan! We’re so excited to have you here for your studies. To Become a General, you’ll need to complete the following easy steps:

  1. Apply for Financial Aid

If you haven’t already, you should submit your financial aid materials so that you receive your aid in time to pay your bill. Such materials include:

You may also be required to submit other materials that verify your financial status, such as tax returns, so you may wish to prepare those.

Our Financial Aid website lists these requirements and provides appropriate forms.

  1. Sign up for your Placement Test and Registration Appointment

All students, who enroll in credit courses and who have not furnished appropriate test scores from the New York State Regents or SAT/ACT before registration, must take the College Placement test. Test scores are valid for two years from the date the test was taken. Students whose native language is not English and who did not graduate from a U.S. high school are also required to prove college-level English proficiency.

You can take your College Placement test when you have your registration appointment. Appointments begin in November for spring-starting students and May for fall-starting students and can be made by calling our Learning Center at (845) 434-5750 x4328 or x4242. We encourage you to sign up as soon as possible to ensure you get the best choice of classes.

  1.  Submit your Immunization Record

Pursuant to New York State Public Health Law # 2165, prior to registration, each student accepted for admission at SUNY Sullivan must submit a signed SUNY Sullivan Immunization Form. SUNY Sullivan requires documented proof of immunizations to Measles, Mumps and Rubella or a signed waiver in lieu of vaccination. In addition, pursuant to New York State Public Health Law # 2167 students must also provide documentation of vaccinations against Meningococcal Meningitis or provide a signed waiver in lieu of vaccination.

Immunization records are due to the Health Services Office by the first day of the semester. Students who fail to submit this paperwork may be dismissed from campus.

  1. Submit your Certificate of Residence

A valid Certificate of Residence is required for all students each year pursuant to New York State Education Law #6301. This certificate must be signed in front of a notary public – one is available on campus – and submitted to your home county’s offices, then returned to SUNY Sullivan.

Certificates of Residency are due within 30 days of the start of the semester. Students who fail to submit this paperwork will be charged the out-of-state rate and will be held liable for this bill.

  1. Pay your Remaining Bill

Even after your aid is awarded and applied to your bill, you may still have an outstanding balance since you are financially liable for all classes that you register for. You should check your bill through the My SUNY Sullivan portal and reach out to the Bursars Office for options on how to pay your bill.

  1. Complete Orientation

Prior to arriving on campus, students will need to complete Orientation either during a Registration Day or through the online Orientation course through Brightspace. Students will receive an email on how to log in to begin this course. Students must also attend Orientation activities prior to the start of classes, where student IDs are also issued. Dates and information are provided during a Registration Day and prior to the start of the semester.