High School Students

High School Students

SUNY Sullivan welcomes applications from students currently enrolled in high school who want to earn college credits.

What are the advantages of earning college credits while still enrolled in high school?

  • You will have a head start with college credits.
  • Your college credits may count towards a SUNY Sullivan program or may transfer to other colleges and universities.
  • You will learn to manage your time and become familiar with the format of a college class. SUNY Sullivan courses can help ease your transition from high school to college.
  • You will expose yourself to college-level coursework that can help you plan for further education.
  • Tuition is discounted, which may help save money.

Candidates who are homeschooled should refer to our page for Homeschooled Students.

Students currently enrolled in high school may take college courses via one of the programs below:

If you are a current high school student wishing to earn college credit for SUNY Sullivan courses, taught by your high school instructors, at your high school during the school day the College in High School program is just what you're looking for.

Below are the next steps to enroll:

  1. Contact your high school guidance counselor for information regarding which courses are offered, deadlines, and how to register for the course(s).
  2. After receiving permission from your parent or guardian, apply for Admission by completing our free College in High School application. It's important to submit your application because you will not receive college credit without completing this step. A new application must be submitted for each academic year.
  3. Submit your Certificate of Residence (if you live outside of Sullivan County, NY)
  4. Pay your remaining bill.

    Your tuition and fees must be paid, or a payment plan must be set up by the deadline provided to you. Click here to find out how to access your balance and make a payment.

    Please email if you have any questions.

Grades earned will become part of the student’s permanent college transcript. 

If you are a current high school student wishing to take classes at SUNY Sullivan's campus or online with SUNY Sullivan's instructors to earn college credits, the Early Admission program is a great choice.

To participate in early admission, students are responsible for transportation to and from the college (if enrolled in courses on campus).

Below are the next steps to enroll:

  1. Apply for Admission by completing our free application.
  2. Complete the Early Admissions form with the assistance of your high school.
  3. Ask your high school guidance office to send your high school transcript to
  4. Submit your immunization records & proof of vaccination (if you have an on-campus presence).

    In addition to your Immunization record, as of January 2022, all students with an on-campus presence must be fully vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus (At this time, students registered 100% online are exempt from this requirement, unless they are using on-campus services). Failure to provide the required documentation will result in administrative withdrawal from seated classes.

  5. Submit your Certificate of Residence (if you live outside of Sullivan County, NY)
  6. Pay your remaining bill.

    Your tuition and fees must be paid, or a payment plan must be set up before your classes begin. Click here to find out how to access your balance and make a payment.

    Please email if you have any questions.

At an institution of higher education, students are exposed to a learning environment that promotes an open exchange of ideas. Course content is presented on an adult level, and class discussions require a mature understanding of divergent viewpoints and the ability to think critically on controversial issues.

Credits earned during the early admission period may be used to satisfy graduation requirements from high school, with the high school determining how these credits will be utilized. Grades earned will become part of the student's permanent college transcripts.

SUNY Sullivan is pleased to participate in the federal government’s Dual Enrollment Experience as part of their Experimental Sites Initiative, which aims to learn about how Pell Grant funding can expand opportunities for students from low-income backgrounds to participate in dual enrollment and expand access to rigorous coursework. SUNY Sullivan is participating in this program with select local school districts.

To be eligible to participate, students must:

  • Enroll as “full-time” students, taking at least twelve (12) credits throughout their time in the program (at least six [6] per semester). All credits must be toward the degree; remedial courses are not degree courses.
  • Pass SUNY Sullivan’s placement tests
  • Participate in one of five targeted degree programs that are STEM-related and/or tied to “emerging career paths” in the community.
  • Be high school diploma candidates in one of the participating local school districts.
  • Obtain the permission of their high school to participate, to ensure that the courses taken do not impede the student’s academic progress and persistence in high school.

To participate in the program, students must:

  • Apply using the free application and be accepted to SUNY Sullivan.
  • Be Pell Eligible, determined by submission of appropriate financial aid documents.
  • Pass the college’s placement exams in English and Math.
  • Fulfill other college entrance requirements (including but not limited to the submission of required paperwork).
  • Obtain the permission of a guidance counselor for their participation.

Interested students should contact their high school guidance counselor for more information.

Any student who officially withdraws from a course or from the college prior to the first class will receive a one-hundred percent refund of tuition and fees. A student who officially withdraws after the first class meets shall be liable for payment of tuition and refundable fees in accordance with the following schedule:

Schedule of Student Tuition Liability Full Semester 8-week term or less
During 1st week 25% 75%
During 2nd week 50% 100%
During 3rd week 75% 100%
After 3rd week 100%



The Sullivan Promise Scholarship provides FREE tuition and fees to new Sullivan County resident graduates!

Click here for more details.

Admissions Office

Interested in attending SUNY Sullivan but not sure where to begin?

The Admissions Office is here to help.

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Our mission is to provide staff and resources to recruit, counsel and accept all eligible prospective students for SUNY Sullivan enrollment. To support a rich and rewarding college experience for its students. Admissions recruits a diverse student body from both within the Sullivan County Community and beyond. Information regarding SUNY Sullivan’s academic programs, student life and the enrollment process is promoted by Admissions through a variety of means to enhance prospective students’ academic careers and Sullivan County’s workforce.

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