Strategic Planning Committee Kick-Off Meeting Summary


  • Overview of the Strategic Planning Process 
  • Charging this Committee with Expectations (Jay & Keith)
  • Project Overview & Goals of the Strategic Plan (due end of April, 2021):
  • Executive summary
  • College description
  • Mission statement (revised)
  • Vision statement (revised)
  • Goals (revised)
  • Core Values (revised)
  • Institutional Learning Outcomes (revised)
  • Competitive analysis
  • Alignment Statements (Marketing, Operations, Enrollment, Retention, Financial, Communications, Evaluation (Middle States))
  • Terminology (how we are defining the parts of this plan)

Group Discussion:

  • What comes to mind when you think about SUNY Sullivan?
  • What do you want to come to mind when you think about SUNY Sullivan?
  • What should SUNY Sullivan look like in 2025?


  • This is a 5-year strategic plan
  • It is being developed within an aggressive 6-month time period
  • There are limited resources for external support
  • Approval of this plan will be by Jay Quaintance and the SUNY Sullivan Board of Trustees
  • The aphorism perfect is the enemy of the good will guide the Strategic Plan’s timely completion as required to guide operational goals and inform the Middle States re-accreditation process

Action Items:

  • We will meet every 2 weeks until this is finished
  • Identify and share other strategic plans to help us benchmark

Pre Reading Articles and Reports Sent before Kick-Off:

  1. SUNY Sullivan – 2012 – SUNY Sullivan Strategic Plan 2013-2018
  2. ENVISION Architects – 2019 Suny Sullivan Master Plan-Final Facilities Master
  3. Iron Bridge Resources – 2018 – Review of Enrollment Management
  4. Cooper and Scheg – 2020 – Totally Virtual Northcentral University’s School of Business Succeeded in Integrated Strategic Planning in an All-Distance Environment
  5. Peter Eckel and Cathy Trower – 2019 – Colleges need to rethink strategic planning
  6. Hinton – 2012 – A practical guide to strategic planning in higher education
  7. Morimoto and Guillaume – 2018 – Reconceptualizing Strategic Planning: Planning Strategically for Student Success
  8. Ayers – 2017 – Three Functions of the Community College Mission Statement
  9. D’Amico – 2017 – Noncredit Education Specialized Programs to Meet Local Needs
  10. Garza Mitchell and Sawyer – 2017 – ChaGarza Mitchell and Sawyer – 2017 – Changing the Economy One Family at a Time: Dual Aims of Workforce Development
  11. Heelan and Mellow – 2017 – Social Justice and the Community College Mission
  12. Hellmich and Feeney – 2017 – Meeting the Challenges of Expanding Missions Through Strategic Planning
  13. Jones – 2017 – Supporting the Mission Through Dual Enrollment Su.pdf
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