At the start of every new academic year, SUNY Sullivan allows a handful of students the opportunity to take part in the school’s Honors Program, a program that allows these new students to experience the highest degree of learning achievable.

The SUNY Sullivan Honors Program

The Honors Program challenges its participants to strive for academic excellence and maintains an intellectually stimulating environment comprised of both curricular and extracurricular activities that enable the students to connect with others throughout the school and in the surrounding community.

We are a member program of the Northeast Region of the National Collegiate Honors Council, which has Honors departments in colleges and universities throughout the country.

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Welcome to the SUNY Sullivan Honors Program

Honors Program Mission

Welcome to the SUNY Sullivan Honors Program

To offer academically exceptional students with opportunities in:


Experiencing the greatest in leadership-oriented activities while enhancing and honing specific leadership skills in order to become a strong leader

Community Involvement

Focusing on the importance of getting involved in the community while benefitting those who need assistance whether on the local or national level.

Intellectual Curiosity

Enhancing the overall academic experience by offering intellectually challenging courses that launch students into the higher echelons of academia.

Experiential Learning

Facilitating an attitude in which student’s are able achieve just as much learning outside of the classroom as inside.


To retain the Honors Program scholarship and membership, members must maintain a 3.25 GPA. To graduate with Honors Program distinction, members must meet the following requirements:

  1. HUM 1216- History of Ideas (3hrs)
  2. Honors Forum I, II, III, IV (1hr each- taken consecutively each semester)
  3. Honors Research I, II, III, IV (1hr each- taken consecutively each semester)
  4. 2 other Honors classes (either Designated Honors Classes or Contracted Honors Classes)
  5. 30 Hours of Community Service per semester (Community, College, Program)
Honors Program Students at Northeast Conference

Northeast Regional Honors Conference

Members of the honors program at the annual Northeast Regional Honors Conference, where students spend three days presenting, and mingling with members of their own, as well as other, honors programs.

Welcome to the SUNY Sullivan Honors Program


The honors program at SUNY Sullivan challenges students to strive for academic excellence while also providing opportunities to help out in both the college and community through philanthropic activities of various sorts. Participating students learn the importance of service to their community in an environment that is very open and welcoming to new students.

Transfer schools will recognize Sullivan’s honors program and see that the student voluntarily challenged him/herself academically and was active in the community throughout their first two years of college. Various honors societies, such as Phi Theta Kappa, will also recognize members of the honors program and offer them admission to their program which could yield various scholarship opportunities.

Every spring semester, members of the honors program are invited to the annual Northeast Regional Honors Conference which is held at a different location every year. Students will travel and spend three days in a predetermined location presenting at this conference. Conferences offer students with an opportunity to demonstrate their intelligence while being able to mingle with members of their own, as well as other, honors programs.

Scholarship Opportunities

Honors Program students are eligible for substantial scholarship assistance during their two years at SUNY Sullivan.

Taking part in the Honors Program not only makes for a fulfilling collegiate experience on academic and personal levels, but also reflects well on transcripts and resumes. Former SUNY Sullivan Honors Program students have been accepted to Cornell, MIT, RIT, RPI, Ithaca, Harvard, Binghamton, Albany, New Paltz, Buffalo, Vassar, NYU, and many other prestigious schools within the SUNY system.