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Offered through the Hudson Valley Educational Consortium in cooperation with SUNY Orange, the Cyber Security AAS program prepares students for employment in a variety of entry level careers in Cyber Security. Today, everyone is concerned with security, and people with knowledge in this area are in high demand. Positions can include such titles as Network Administrator, network security specialist, information security technician, just to name a few. The main thrust is protection of information and limiting access to network resources. In addition to security, students will also be instructed in techniques used to track perpetrators once an attack has occurred. In addition to basic computer and networking skills, the student will be instructed in Operating Systems, Computer Forensics, Network Forensics, Information Security, Network Perimeter Security, and Cyber Crime Investigation. Classes are designed to provide students with hands-on training utilizing state-of-the-art computer facilities. Lab work and assignments will present real world cyber security scenarios encountered in the work place. For forensics studies, industry standard software will be used. While A.A.S. graduates are prepared to enter the workforce immediately, many students choose to transfer to upper-level programs leading to a bachelor's degree in technology. If students are considering this, they should consult with the department chair and advisors for program planning. Special planning is available for students entering the program with previous college credit or equivalent training/work experience. Students will need to take some of the technical cyber security courses on site at SUNY Orange. Please consult with an advisor.

Graduates of the Cyber Security AAS will be able to: