The SUNY Sullivan Alumni Association provides alumni with opportunities to reconnect with the college and engage in professional and personal development, community service, and lifelong learning.

In keeping with the aim of the college to have its Alumni Association be a connection with and voice for its graduates and former students, the Alumni Council consists of SUNY Sullivan Alumni – and nearly every decade of the college’s existence is represented. Current SUNY Sullivan faculty and staff are among the council members.

In the nearly 60-year history of SUNY Sullivan’s service to our community, we have supported thousands of students by providing affordable, excellent education opportunities.

If you have ever attended SUNY Sullivan, we consider you an alumnus and as such, you are entitled to all the benefits of being a General. Our goal is to help you increase your participation with, and support of, SUNY Sullivan through various opportunities, ranging from social and sporting events to volunteerism, charitable giving, and so much more.

The SUNY Sullivan Alumni Association is free and open to all former SUNY Sullivan students. Register to join TODAY, and receive news and invitations to special events.

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As alumni, the best way to support the college is to let people know about us, share your experiences and successes, and point people toward our great academic programs and Admissions department.

Alumni and former students are always welcome to attend sporting events, academic ceremonies, and social events, and to inquire as to ways that you can share your college and professional experiences with others who are considering their future plans.


Of course, alumni donors are some of our most generous supporters when it comes to charitable giving. Whether you want to give as an outright gift or set up a creative program for extended giving, we have many opportunities to accept your generosity, and are open to new plans.


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