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SUNY Sullivan Foundation Student Financial Hardship Program

The SUNY Sullivan Foundation Student Financial Hardship Program serves as a vital resource for students who may not have enough money to purchase adequate food, or who might be experiencing temporary financial difficulties. It helps alleviate the stress and burden of food insecurity, ensuring that students have access to essential meals.

SUNY Sullivan Food Pantry

The SUNY Sullivan Food Pantry, which is supported in part by the Student Financial Hardship Program, addresses a critical need within the college community. Many of our students face financial challenges, including food insecurity, which can significantly impact their ability to focus on their studies. The lack of reliable access to affordable and nutritious food can undermine students' well-being and academic success.



Demand for supplies from the SUNY Sullivan Food Pantry increased by 100% last year. That number is only expected to increase this academic year, as we’ve already seen a 9% increase over this time last year.

By providing free or low-cost food, and other essential household and personal care items, the SUNY Sullivan Food Pantry supports students in meeting their basic needs, allowing them to concentrate on their education without the distraction of hunger or worrying about where their next meal will come from. The same can be said for our staff, who can also visit the Food Pantry.

Many of us want to help by donating food, but is this always the best way to provide support?

While non-perishable food donations help stock pantry shelves, direct financial contributions can often make an even bigger impact.

With monetary donations, food banks avoid waste by purchasing only what they can distribute quickly and efficiently to their communities (avoiding overstocks and/or the disposal of expired items), and can stretch dollars further by buying foods they need most in bulk.

In fact, studies consistently show that cash donations provide substantially more meals per dollar than physical food donations. For example, an analysis by Feeding America found that for every $1 donated, they can provide enough food for 10 meals. But for every pound of food donated, they can only provide 1.1 meals.

All financial donations to the Food Pantry will be used for the purchase of non-perishable goods for the pantry. All gifts, no matter the amount, are meaningful and greatly appreciated.

SUNY Sullivan is eager to invite you to participate in an exciting opportunity to show support for SUNY Sullivan's Seelig Theatre in a meaningful way through its all new Take-A-Seat Fundraising Campaign.

For just $150, you can underwrite the seat of your choice, and in appreciation of your generosity, SUNY Sullivan's Seelig Theatre will recognize your gift on a name plaque on the back of that seat!

Seelig Theatre Facilities

Your contribution will support much-needed improvements to the Seelig Theatre, an invaluable asset to our Theater Program and our campus community.

Seelig Theatre Stage
Seelig Theatre Stage
Samson et Dalila - Met Opera Series
Samson et Dalila - Met Opera Series

Be one of the key difference makers and help us address our students’ needs today.

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