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Environmental Science

Degree: AS  |  Graduation Requirements: 61 credits

Program Summary:

This program is designed for students who have an active interest in the environment.

The goal of this program is to give students a strong background in science, and also to engage them in the historical, political and societal aspects of environmental issues.

Graduates of the Environmental Science – AS will have demonstrated:

  • Knowledge of a variety of environmental issues from varying perspectives
  • Knowledge of the principles of biology, chemistry and mathematics
  • The ability to conduct scientific experiments using the scientific method
  • The ability to work safely and effectively in a laboratory environment and/ or in the field, using a variety of equipment
  • The critical thinking skills necessary to draw conclusions from scientific data

The SUNY Sullivan


  • Graduates will have learned to conduct experiments in a laboratory environment or in the field as well as to speak and write effectively about environmental issues

  • The Environmental Science AS program prepares graduates to transfer to a four-year institution to earn a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies or environmental science

Composition I 
MAT 1205 or higher 
Principles of Biology I 
Environmental Science
Principles of Biology II 
Environmental Ethics 
Fundamentals of Speech
Course with the PED prefix 
General Chemistry I 
Introduction to Ecology 
Elective By Advisement 
History of the Environmental Movement
World Geography 
Social Justice Biocultural Diversity 
General Chemistry II 
Science and Civilization


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