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This two-year Associate in Applied Science degree program is designed to prepare students to be chefs in hotels, restaurants catering facilities. It includes a selection of Liberal Arts courses to facilitate transfer to a four year institution.

The emphasis in the professional courses is on the theory, practice and hands-on work in culinary arts. Students work with industry professionals in several kitchens, bakeries and the Grossinger Dining Room. Students also take courses in Hospitality Purchasing, Cost Control and Human Resources to round out their knowledge. They receive ServSafe and TIPS certifications as part of their coursework.

Graduation Requirements (62-64 credits)

Graduates of the Professional Chef – AAS will have demonstrated:

industry standard, entry level skills,
professionalism in themselves and their work,
the ability to creatively solve culinary problems and develop skills to evaluate their own and that of others,
technical, cognitive, and creative thinking skills with professional and tangible results.