Strategic Planning Committee Meeting Summary


  • Clarified naming convention of Committee members to show diversity of contributions
  • Review the scoping and Committee deliverables for the Strategic Plan (Executive summary, College description, Mission statement (revised), Vision statement (revised), Goals (revised), Core Values (revised), Institutional Learning Outcomes (revised), Competitive analysis, Alignment Statements (Marketing, Operations, Enrollment, Retention, Financial, Communications, Evaluation (Middle States)), Terminology (how we are defining the parts of this plan).
  • Reviewed the first iteration of a revised Mission and Vision, identified main ideas that should be included in them, and drafted another round of revised Mission and Vision statements based on a SWOT Analysis discussion.

Action Items:

  • Complete SWOT Analysis Thematic Groupings
  • Group Key Strategic Questions
  • Draft new versions of the Mission, Vision, and Values based on Committee discussion
  • Review other college Mission, Vision, and Values based on gathered Strategic Plans from other institutions.
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