Freshman Year Experience

The First Year Experience or FYE program is a comprehensively designed plan that helps freshman students transition for success at SUNY Sullivan. The first step in this process is an orientation that occurs before classes begin. This mandatory session provides valuable information for both resident and commuter students. The second step in the FYE program is a semester long course required of all first-time, full-time freshman.

Through the mentoring provided by a knowledgeable faculty or staff member that teaches the class, students not only learn essential skills to survive and succeed in college, but they also form a close, working relationship with someone that can give them guidance and special attention throughout the semester. Students not only learn essential college survival skills, but also discover and understand important concepts for life like cultural diversity and sustainability.

What to expect

IAS Courses

First Year Experience courses are coded and listed on curriculum track sheets with the Prefix IAS, which stands for Improving Academic Success. They are credit bearing classes which count towards graduation requirements. Students are placed into an IAS class for a specific weekly time slot on a class schedule for the duration of the semester, and may be either for one, two, or three days per week. An academic advisor will help choose the appropriate IAS class during a consultation for course selection and registration.

New Student Orientation

SUNY Sullivan staff conducts a new student orientation every semester prior to the first full day of classes. The events and schedule of orientation may change from one semester to the next, but will typically include introductions and addresses by key personnel, instructions for computer log-in and current information technology, information about key campus resources and their locations, and a way to get to know other new incoming freshman. Refreshments are typically served.

First Year Experience Coordinator

For more information regarding any of the above topics, questions may be directed to Tammy Porter, The Coordinator of First Year Experience and Academic Advisor, Room E212E in the Learning Center, on the 2nd floor of the One Stop. Email or call 845-434-5750, ext 4461.