Special Programs

Admissions Procedures for Special Programs

Certain programs at SUNY Sullivan have additional requirements and a separate admissions process from that of our regular degree-seeking candidates. We encourage you to learn more about each program below.

Admissions Procedures for Special Programs

Admission to the Nursing Associate’s degree program at SUNY Sullivan is a competitive and time-sensitive process. In order to be considered for admission to this program, prospective students (including direct applicants from high school) must meet all of the following requirements prior to beginning their nursing studies:

  • Have a minimum high school average of 85 or a current college grade point average (GPA) of 2.5
  • Have qualifying backgrounds in English, math, and biology*
  • Have applied for admission to the college, and provided official transcripts of all previous college
    work to the Admissions Office
  • Have taken the nursing placement exam. Students should register for this exam with the Health Science Department assistant in A-112. Students are allowed to take the exam twice for each application cycle
  • Complete the nursing program application by March 1 for acceptance into the fall cohort, or December 1 for the LPN-Bridge program
  • Have received an acceptance letter into the nursing program

Qualifying backgrounds in English, math, and biology means:

  • English: NYS Regents (78 or higher) or ACT (17 or higher) or SAT (minimum 480 in Critical Reading) or transfer-level college English course (C or higher)
  • Math: NYS Regents (75 or higher) or ACT (17 or higher) or SAT (450 or higher) or transfer-level college math course (C or higher)
  • Biology: AP Biology (3 or higher) or high school biology/living environment with a grade of  70% or higher, or transfer-level college biology course (C or higher) (Science credits earned more than 7 years prior to the start of the student’s first nursing semester will need to be evaluated by the science faculty for learning outcomes retention.)

Admissions Process

Admission to the nursing program is competitive and decisions are made on a rolling basis during the late spring and summer for the fall cohort, and by December 15 for the LPN-Bridge program. The SUNY Sullivan Nursing Admissions Committee evaluates overall college GPA, science specific GPA, placement exam scores, and may request an interview with applicants. Students are encouraged to attend a nursing interest meeting to learn more about the process.

Length of the Program

The Nursing program is designed to be completed in four sequential full-time semesters. Students who have already completed all prerequisite requirements should be able to complete their studies on time in two academic years. Those who need prerequisite courses may take approximately 6 semesters or more. Some students, because of the intense nature of the program, may find part-time study more appropriate.

Transfer Students

  • No nursing courses may be transferred in from another college
  • Students may transfer prerequisite and general education courses from another college
  • Science credits earned more than 7 years prior to the start of the student’s first nursing semester will need to be evaluated by the science faculty for learning outcomes retention

Licensed Practical Nurses

Licensed Practical Nurses who apply for advanced standing in the Nursing program must meet all of the
nursing program admission criteria, and hold a current, valid LPN license to enter the Nursing program.

Licensed Practical Nurses seeking admission to enter NUR 1010, Commonalities of Nursing Care (second semester) must have all of the following completed before starting the Program:

  • PSY 1500, General Psychology, C or higher
  • SCI 2124/2125, Anatomy and Physiology I & Lab, C or higher
  • NUR 1015, Clinical Calculation, C or higher (Offered during the winter session)
  • LPN to RN Bridge Course and Skills Competency, Pass (offered during the winter session)

Credit for NUR 1001 will be granted after successful completion of NUR 1010 with a grade of C (seventy-five percent) or higher. An offering of admission into the Nursing program is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of the nursing department based on enrollment and clinical placement availability.

The deadline for application to the Nursing program for LPNs is December 15.

Nursing Program Readmission

The readmission process deadline is November 1 for the spring semester and March 1 for the fall semester. Readmission into the Nursing program requires approval of the Chairperson of the Department of Health Sciences and is on a space available basis.


  1. Submit a request for readmission, in writing, to the Chairperson of the Department of Health Sciences; The letter should address factors that will enhance success when repeating a course
  2. Complete and submit an application for readmission to the college, if necessary
  3. Indicate the course for which readmission is sought

In addition to the above, students who have been out of the program 12 months or more must also:

  • Satisfactorily complete the nursing skills competency for the last nursing course successfully completed
  • Complete clinical calculations competency with 90% mastery
  • Achieve a grade of 80% or better on a faculty prepared cumulative written examination for the last Nursing course successfully completed.

A student may generally repeat only one nursing course one time throughout the entire duration of the program. For that reason, a student may reapply to the program only once without the permission of the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.

The field of Respiratory is a very gratifying and rewarding profession in the respect to providing care and helping people in need. The profession can also be, at times, physically and emotionally demanding. Students interested in pursuing an academic program of study in this area would be advised to visit a Respiratory department or contact a Respiratory Therapist to explore the details of what this occupation offers. 

The academic program of study in Respiratory Care at SUNY Sullivan is a well rounded program that trains its graduates to be prepared and capable of performing all Respiratory services. The program, once the prerequisites are met, is conducted in five consecutive semesters which include the summer session. It is an intense presentation of didactic study in the first three semesters which transition into the last two semesters of clinical study. The didactic studies prepare the student with the foundation of knowledge needed to understand and perform Respiratory activities. The clinical studies utilizes the knowledge and skills gained and apply this in the patient care setting providing patient assessments, treatments, operating equipment applications, as well as educating patients to better manage their health.

Admission Criteria:

  1. Prerequisite courses must be completed with a letter grade of C or better
  2. An overall GPA of 2.5 or better must be achieved and maintained prior to beginning the RC program.
  3. Prerequisite grades and GPA will be rated on a scoring rubric for acceptance qualification.
  4. SUNY Sullivan students receiving financial aid must not exceed the 150% financial aid rule; Transcripts and track sheets will be reviewed
  5. Applicants must be approved by the RC Admissions Committee

Application / Admission Process:

  1. Apply and gain acceptance to SUNY Sullivan
    • Under the declared major of: Liberal Arts, Health Sciences
    • Transfer students with prerequisites may enter a major of Respiratory (with the RC admission committee approval)
  1. Complete and submit application to the Respiratory Program
  2. Applications for the Respiratory Care program will be accepted from January 1 until the acceptance deadline of May; Applications received after the deadline date may be considered on an individual basis if there remains room in the class
  3. Applications that meet initial qualifications and are selected for consideration will be assigned a Respiratory advisor; Letter of notification will be issued in June
  4. Acceptance into the program is conditional based on successful completion of the fall semester course requirements and maintaining a GPA of 2.5 or better
  5. Official acceptance into the program will commence in the spring semester

Admissions to Respiratory Care

Note: Students are considered Liberal Arts Health Sciences until they’re officially accepted into Respiratory Care


Courses & Criteria

New Student without a College Degree?

Current SUNY Sullivan Student?



Principles of Biology

Sciences / SCI 1124

with a C or higher.

Principles of Biology

Sciences / SCI 1124

with a C or higher.

Principles of Biology

Sciences / SCI 1124

with a C or higher.


Chemistry for Health Sciences/SCI 1204/05 with a C or higher

Chemistry for Health Sciences/SCI 1204/05 with a C or higher

Chemistry for Health Sciences/SCI 1204/05 with a C or higher


Intermediate Algebra MAT 1005 with a C or higher

(MAT 1004/Elem Stat’s will not be accepted)

Intermediate Algebra MAT 1005 with a C or higher

(MAT 1004/Elem Stat’s will not be accepted)

Intermediate Algebra MAT 1005 with a C or higher

(MAT 1004/Elem Stat’s will not be accepted)


75% or higher for Regents

85% or higher for non-Regents Diploma

Career GPA 2.5

or higher

Career GPA 2.5

or higher


High School Students:


AP Chemistry

(min. score 4)

AP Biology

(min. score 4)

Students with Sullivan course credits may be required to complete the Liberal Arts Health Sciences Degree before they can receive Financial Aid for Respiratory Care.

Course substitutions may be approved by the Division Chair of Health Sciences & the Director of Respiratory Care.


SUNY Sullivan’s Presidential Scholars program makes a college education more accessible and more affordable for high-achieving students graduating from Sullivan County high schools.

Students with a minimum overall grade average of 90 are eligible to receive the scholarship. The Presidential Scholars program, first introduced in 2012, funds up to full tuition and fees for two years at SUNY Sullivan.

Recipients must be in the graduating class preceding the start of their first fall semester of study and plan to attend the college full-time.

The Presidential Scholars program awards a maximum continuous two-year scholarship for the fall and spring semesters. No gaps in study are permitted, and qualifying students must apply for financial aid to be considered for the award. Continuation as a Presidential Scholar is based upon the achievement of an overall 3.25 GPA for the first year of study.

Sullivan County students should contact their high school guidance counselors for a copy of the Presidential Scholars application, which much be submitted in addition to the application requirements of SUNY Sullivan.


We strongly encourage you to apply for financial aid as soon as you start your application to ensure that you will have the aid you need.

Once you are admitted, there are Next Steps to Becoming a General that you’ll also need to complete.

Admissions Office

Interested in attending SUNY Sullivan but not sure where to begin?

The Admissions Office is here to help. We recruit, counsel, and accept all eligible prospective students from Sullivan County and beyond. We aim to support a rich and rewarding college experience for all students, distributing helpful information to enhance career prospects and academic standing.

Admissions Hours

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Saturday-Sunday: Closed

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Our mission is to provide staff and resources to recruit, counsel and accept all eligible prospective students for SUNY Sullivan enrollment. To support a rich and rewarding college experience for its students. Admissions recruits a diverse student body from both within the Sullivan County Community and beyond. Information regarding SUNY Sullivan’s academic programs, student life and the enrollment process is promoted by Admissions through a variety of means to enhance prospective students’ academic careers and Sullivan County’s workforce.

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