Tutorial services are provided by the college, free of charge, in the Learning Commons. Drop-in tutoring is available throughout the day (check schedules for subject-specific times), and students are always welcome to use the space, whether or not they intend to use a tutor.

Located in E201, the Learning Commons is a full-service study center, where students prepare for their classes, work on long-term assignments, study in small groups, or get focused tutoring. Equipped with work tables, couches, 20 computers, and a printer, the Learning Commons is open from September – May.

For more information please visit the Learning Commons or contact the Learning Commons at learningcommons@sunysullivan.edu.

Tutoring Services

Available at no cost

Fall 2019 Workshop Schedule

Time Lead Tutor Discipline
MW 9:05-10 Sinacore Math & Business & Computers
MW 10:10-11:05 Sinacore Math & Business & Computers
MW 11:15-12:35 Mathews Liberal Arts
MW 12:45-2:05
MW 2:15-3:35 Dymond Science & Math
MW 3:45-5:05 Dymond Science & Math
MW 6-7:20 Condon General Research
Time Lead Tutor Discipline
TR 9:30-10:50 Sinacore Math & Business & Computers
TR 11-12:20 Sinacore Math & Business & Computers
TR 12:30-1:50
TR 2-3:20 Dymond Science & Math
TR 4-5:20 Dymond Science & Math
TR 6-7:20 Condon/ Mathews General Research/ Liberal Arts
Time Lead Tutor Discipline
F 12:45-2:05 Mathews Liberal Arts

Fall 2019 Focused Tutoring Schedule

Time Peer/ Subject Tutor Discipline
MW 9:05-10
MW 10:10-11:05
MW 11:15-12:35 Galli/Straughter Liberal Arts/Math
MW 12:45-2:05 Galli/Straughter Liberal Arts/Math
MW 2:15-3:35
MW 3:45-5:05
MW 6:45-7:45 Nielsen (Monday only) Chemistry
Time Peer/ Focused Tutor Discipline
TR 9:30-10:50 Galli Liberal Arts
TR 11-12:20 Yousef/ Mortillaro (tuesdays only) Bio, Chem, Math
TR 12:30-1:50 Mortillaro (tuesdays only) Math
TR 2-3:20 Fritz/Straughter Liberal Arts/Math
TR 4-5:20 Fritz/Straughter Liberal Arts/Math
TR 5:30-6:30 Nielsen (Thursday only) Chemistry
Time Peer/ Focused Tutor Discipline
F 11-2:05 Mortillaro Math