The Legacy Circle honors donors who have generously provided (or plan to provide) gifts to the SUNY Sullivan Foundation through bequests, trusts, and other life-income gifts.

Legacy Circle membership is a reflection of the highest commitment to the future of educational excellence at SUNY Sullivan.

Our alumni and friends, through hard work and persistence, made a better world for themselves, their families, and communities. Some Legacy Circle members from these roots have developed lasting friendships with faculty and staff, and with deep gratitude they fondly recall instances of guidance and support.

As a testimony of their gratitude, they are dedicated to building our campus, and making a difference for future generations of students.

Committed to education with their philanthropic acts, Legacy Circle members understand the critical need for our financial future, the continued vitality and development that creates educational excellence for future generations.

The Importance of Your Membership

SUNY Sullivan moves forward toward a new era of service. With a clear mission and focus on improving quality, our spirit of innovation will enable us to meet the challenges of a constantly evolving environment of higher education.

By joining the SUNY Sullivan Legacy Circle, you can make a difference.

With your financial help we will be able to provide worthy students scholarships to obtain a SUNY Sullivan education. Your investment in our campus will help secure first-rate teachers, develop technology to improve teaching and learning, and maintain the quality and character of our infrastructure.

Your generous gift will ensure the continuity of our institution for many generations to come.

Ways To Give

Reflect upon your needs and your commitment to SUNY Sullivan. By joining the SUNY Sullivan Legacy Circle, you are making a powerful pledge to our College. You may choose any of the following opportunities to secure Legacy Circle membership. Please use the links to the right to explore methods of Planned Giving.

Becoming a SUNY Sullivan Foundation Legacy Circle Member

Becoming a member is simple. In fact, if you have named the SUNY Sullivan Foundation in your will, or have otherwise included our institution in your estate plans, you are already a member. If you have not notified us of your bequest, please contact our Development Office today to inform us of your decision and to sign a Declaration of Intent. The Declaration of Intent is non-binding and creates no legal obligation to you or your estate.

College representatives would also be pleased to meet with you to discuss your membership in the SUNY Sullivan Foundation Legacy Circle. There is no obligation. All inquiries are welcome.

Membership Benefits

SUNY Sullivan Foundation Legacy Members enjoy special benefits including:


For further information, or to receive a Legacy Circle Acceptance of Membership form, contact Cindy Kashan at (845) 434-5750, extension 4213.