To provide area organizations with a way to identify potential speakers from the college based on specific areas of expertise and concentration.

The college will create and promote a Speakers Bureau and act as a liaison between an organization and the speaker from the college. The majority of organizations seeking speakers are usually, but not limited to, service and non-profit organizations.

Generally speakers will present on a non-fee basis, however, there are occasions when an organization will offer an honorarium to the speaker. We invite faculty, administrators, and staff to participate in the Speakers Bureau by listing your topics or speech titles in the “topic area” below. There are no limits to the number of topics or titles you can include.

Some of the topics that outside organizations are currently interested in are: financial planning, tax advice, health and wellness, career development, technology, photography, and travel.

Once we have gathered a sufficient number of speakers, we will create a web page for the public. Organizations will not be contacting you directly. We will ask them to go through the Office of Marketing Communications. We will then contact you to make arrangements.

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