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SUNY Sullivan International Student Estimated Yearly Cost

Tuition and Fees $10,926.00*
Books and Supplies $1450.00
Double Room and Meal Plan $9948.00
Transportation $1020.00**
Health Insurance Plan $1312.00***
Total Cost for One Academic Year $24,656.00

*Course fees may vary based on course selection.

**The transportation cost may be increased by the amount of airfare for a round trip from the student’s home country.

***Health Insurance for International Students, purchased through the SUNY approved provider (United Health Care) is mandatory.

The above amount is for coverage for one academic year. Shorter term coverage (one semester) can also be purchased.

If you have dependents, you must provide financial documentation for an additional $2,600 for your spouse and $1,400 for each child.

All Costs Subject to Change