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Updated public health requirements for employees, effective July 8

On June 15, 2021, the Governor announced that all state-mandated COVID-19 health and safety restrictions were lifted effective immediately as 70 percent of New Yorkers age 18 or older have received at least the first dose of their COVID-19 vaccination series. Shortly thereafter, the Governor announced that on June 24, 2021 New York ended the state disaster emergency declared for the COVID pandemic on March 7, 2020.

On July 7, 2021 the Chancellor sent a memo to all SUNY campuses with the Final COVID protocols for the 2021 Summer and Fall semesters. SUNY Sullivan has made the appropriate changes to our protocols, listed below. These updated protocols are in effect immediately and subject to change as COVID-related conditions evolve. SUNY Sullivan will continue to comply with any additional requirements imposed by SUNY and local Health Departments. As guidelines evolve, the College will continue to evaluate and, as needed, update requirements for vaccination, mask wearing, testing and campus density limits. We appreciate the efforts of our entire workforce to adapt and evolve your work practices during this past year, along with your ongoing consideration for health and safety policies that help to ensure the safety of our campus community and the surrounding area.

Masks and Social Distancing

Individuals are considered fully vaccinated: (1) two weeks after receiving the second dose in a two dose COVID-19 vaccine series or (2) two weeks after receiving a single dose COVID-19 vaccine. Therefore, the following guidance applies: 

SUNY Sullivan emphasizes the importance of respecting co-workers’ views on masking. Teasing or differential treatment of employees based on mask wearing will not be tolerated.

Daily Health Screening 

Daily health screenings are no longer required to be submitted however, employees are expected to continue to monitor their health daily for infectious diseases, COVID-19 symptoms, recent close contacts, and recent positive COVID-19 test results, regardless of individual vaccination status. Anyone with signs or symptoms of infectious illness should stay home when sick and/or seek medical care. All positive COVID-19 tests must still be reported to the Human Resources office. All employees with symptoms related to COVID-19 are required to contact the Human Resources office. Fully vaccinated individuals who have been around someone with COVID-19, do not need to stay away from others or get tested unless they have symptoms.

Cleaning Protocols 

The New York State mandatory cleaning and disinfection protocols are no longer in effect. However, it is highly recommended that high-touch surfaces, such as common areas and shared workstations, are disinfected at least once a day and regularly clean and disinfect other surfaces as necessary given the level of traffic and type of individuals who use the space and general risk of community transmission of COVID-19. SUNY Sullivan will continue to provide hand hygiene stations and supplies within workplaces for individuals to use.

COVID-19 Testing

Mandatory weekly testing will continue to be required for any person who has a physical presence on campus and who has not been fully vaccinated or who has not shown proof of vaccination. Fully vaccinated students and employees (including auxiliary workers and vendors with a regular on-campus presence) may opt-out from mandatory weekly testing upon the submission of documentation showing completion of a full vaccination series. 

Proof of Vaccination and Enforcement

Getting vaccinated is the most effective method of ensuring individual and campus health and safety. At this time, SUNY Sullivan does not require employees to be vaccinated; however, it is strongly encouraged. All SUNY Sullivan employees who receive a COVID-19 vaccine are required to share proof of their vaccination with the Human Resources Department if they want to follow the guidance for fully vaccinated individuals. Employees who have not received an FDAauthorized vaccine (or who chose not to report their vaccination information) will be considered to be unvaccinated.

In addition to documenting vaccination status with Human Resources, employees may receive a sticker on their ID badge to share their vaccination status with their peers. 

Employees are expected to act honestly and ethically and to observe required health and safety measures in all workplace settings. The college will not routinely check whether individuals not wearing masks on campus or in the workplace are vaccinated, absent credible complaints or in rare cases where precise documentation is needed to provide appropriate accommodations. However, the college retains the right to undertake compliance review as needed to protect the community, and any employee found to be falsely claiming to be vaccinated, or failing to properly mask, will be subject to discipline for violating New York state COVID-19 directives and College policies.

SUNY Sullivan does not tolerate bullying. Employees should refrain from making comments on vaccination status that may be offensive to fellow co-workers. 


Visitors will be allowed to access campus facilities, as appropriate and will be required to follow the same protocol as employees which will be communicated via signage.  

Campus Safety Monitors 

Pam Jones and Stephanie Greeno will continue to be SUNY Sullivan’s Campus Safety Monitors and can be reached with questions or concerns by email at 


SUNY Sullivan will continue to follow NYSDOH guidance on testing, vaccination, and quarantine requirements related to travel.