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External Events

SUNY Sullivan welcomes events that enhance academic programs, uphold the institution’s image, and help fulfill the mission of the college. While the college is able to host a number of groups and conferences during the summer months, the use of its facilities by non-campus groups or for private use during the academic year may be limited. New York State (NYS) and Sullivan County (SC) government agencies take priority over community organizations.

External events may not interfere with normal college operations. These events have no programmatic ties with the college. These are events where the college-approved facility rental fees apply. All external events require prior approval by the Office of Special Events and Campus Activities with an executive rental agreement and insurance certificate, as applicable. 

SUNY Sullivan reserves the right to deny the use of its facilities to any organization with goals and philosophies that are not consistent with the mission of the college. As per SUNY Sullivan’s Event Security and Safety Policy, the college reserves the right to require additional security and/or personnel for events at the cost of the facilities use rental group.

If a request for use of college facilities calls for significant services from the college, a service fee will be charged to reflect the actual cost to the college.

Non-affiliated events at the college shall not, in any way, indicate or imply in any verbal or written statement, endorsement, or sponsorship by the college. The name of the college shall not be used in any way other than to indicate the location of the event.

In return for the use of these facilities, the college reserves the right to have a representative present and place a display about the college’s programs and activities in a prominent location.


Certain events may require a security deposit of $500 or more, which is refundable if no damages or excess services from the college are incurred.


The college reserves the right to invoice and hold the facility user accountable for 50 percent of the quoted and approved facility use fee if an event is canceled with less than 48 hours notice. When the college is closed due to inclement weather or emergency situations, ALL campus events will be canceled, including facilities rental events.

Insurance Requirements

Insurance coverage is required by all external organizations. A certificate naming the college, the County of Sullivan, and the State of New York as insureds in a liability policy is required to be on file at the college seven days before the scheduled event. This certificate must contain the following minimums of liability: 

  1. For events in facilities that hold 275 or less participants (including the public) - $500,000 combined single limits.
  2. For events in facilities that hold more than 275 participants (including the public) - $1.5 million combined single limits. This applies to Paul Gerry Fieldhouse and certain outdoor events.


Tax-exempt organizations may use a facility on SUNY Sullivan’s campus at a discounted rate, as noted in the facility rental fees. Organizations will be billed for any required personnel and equipment. A tax exempt certificate will be required prior to reserving college facilities.

Political Events

All political events must be cleared with the Office of Special Events & Campus Activities to ensure that proper protocol is followed.

30 business days in advance

Contact the Office of Communications with event details.

Email Hillary Higginbotham:

  • Event description 
  • Date of event 
  • Expected attendance 
  • Type of space needed
  • Contact information
30 business days in advance Permits and documentation submitted to sell or provide alcohol on campus.
20 business days in advance Facilities Request Form submitted to the Office of Communications.
5 business days in advance A certificate of insurance is required to be on file at the college before the scheduled event.
3 business days in advance Notification of any changes to or cancellation of the event.

Alcohol may be provided at campus events in accordance with campus policies and applicable NYS laws and guidelines.

To host an event where alcohol is served, the sponsoring organization must contact Hillary Higginbotham, events, alumni relations, and scholarship manager, no less than six weeks prior to the event for legal alcohol clearance. The host of this event will incur the cost to license an event with alcohol. All participants consuming alcohol must be at least 21 years old. Only licensed and insured alcohol service areas can be used for campus events because of risk management concerns. The following facilities may be approved for alcohol to be served:

    • Student Union
    • E-Building Lobby
    • Grossinger Dining Room (Authorized/Licensed)
    • Other areas as deemed appropriate
    • Off campus
      • Venues where SUNY Sullivan plans to offer alcohol must be reported six weeks prior to the event so that all legal licensing can be completed.

Whenever possible, all events held on-campus are required to use American Dining Services for catering.

Classroom Style

Tables arranged in rows facing the front of the room, with 2-3 chairs behind each table.

Conference Room Style

Tables arranged in an open/closed rectangular block to create the sense of a boardroom or conference room table.

Lecture Style

Chairs placed in rows facing the front of the room with a center aisle. 

Workshop Style

Tables are arranged in such a way that you can fit groups of four-to-six around for small discussion.

Empty Room

All tables and chairs removed from the room.

Custom Room Setup

Event requesters may ask for specialized setup. This should be communicated in detail in a Facilities Request Form and discussed with the Office of Special Events & Campus Activities. The special setup should also be communicated in a work order that will be distributed to Buildings and Grounds.

Event Setup & Breakdown

  • Buildings and Grounds is responsible for the setup and breakdown of meetings and events on campus.

  • Event setup requests should be submitted at least 20 business days in advance via the Facilities Request Form and/or the Buildings and Grounds Request

  • Internal and external events requiring Buildings and Grounds support/setups and breakdowns on weekends may be subject to charges for labor/overtime. 

  • If items are requested that the college does not own, they will be ordered from a rental company at the expense of the event requestor.

SUNY Sullivan reserves the right to deny the use of its equipment if that equipment, or the technicians needed to operate the equipment, are unavailable, or if it is not in the best interest of the college to do so.



For Profit

Classrooms (occupancy: 25-50)

$50 per hour

$60 per hour

Computer lab facilities, including DL rooms

$75 per hour

$95 per hour

Grossinger Dining Room (80 with a buffet set up)

$75 per hour

$90 per hour

Seelig Theatre (occupancy: 270)

$100 per hour

$110 per hour

Herman Conference Room 

Contact for details

Contact for details

Paul Gerry Field House (occupancy: 5,900 standing; 4,214 chairs; 1,960 tables and chairs; 1,036 bleacher)

$150 per hour

$200 per hour

College Grounds (including parking lots)

$50 per hour

$60 per hour

Outdoor athletic facilities (including baseball field)

$75 per hour

$95 per hour


Additional Fees

Non Profit

For Profit

All events require cleaning during and after an event*

(minimum ½ hour required per cleaner)

$45 per hour

$45 per hour

Security Guards* (college staff are extra - per guard)

$45 per hour

$45 per hour

*Services will be billed as a separate cost

Additional services available upon request for an additional fee. 

Any event sponsor (ie., student organizations, faculty or staff) at SUNY Sullivan has a responsibility for the safety and well-being of audience members and participants, as well as performers and workers. Adequate security and crowd management are integral aspects of event planning intended to minimize actual and potential risk to all parties; this management may include college peace officers, private contract security officers, professionally trained staff members, or student workers as part of the security force for an event. Since the college can be held liable for any activity that takes place on its property, adherence to this policy is mandatory for all college sanctioned or contract agency events. 

Events covered under this policy include, but are not limited to: 

  • Concerts 
  • Lectures/speeches/indoor rallies 
  • Sporting events/competitions 
  • Outdoor events 

Security needs must be identified prior to contract offer or agreement (See SUNY Sullivan policy and Facilities Request Form). The sponsoring organization must make arrangements for security, but the college reserves the right to determine the adequacy of such arrangements. Moreover, it reserves the right to cancel the event if it is determined that:

  1. The risk is beyond the college's capabilities.
  2. The conditions of this agreement have not been met.
  3. Circumstances or conditions have escalated to a level of serious threat to safety and security of the campus. 
  • Supplemental Security Staff: Expected to perform assigned tasks under the direction of the supervisor or event coordinator and assist contract security, peace officers, or police officers (includes but is not limited to college employees or student workers designated by their supervisor and trained in event procedures).

BOT Policies Rev. 3/2006 

  • Contract Security Guard: Assist staff with crowd control and policy enforcement as directed by the supervisor, event coordinator, or peace officer. Serve as the main point of contact for calls to peace/police officers or emergency services. 
  • Peace Officer: Work events with notification to the supervisor or event coordinator of any developing or existing problems at the event; investigate and coordinate the filing of all incident reports regarding SUNY Sullivan policy or procedural violations.
  • Police Officers/Emergency Services: Responsible for coordinating and investigating all criminal or emergency incidents (whether on scene or called for service).


Level Designations: 

Safety Designations:

Level 1 Events 

  • College sanctioned sport event 
  • College sanctioned student activities 
  • Contract events with attendance up to 400
  • Spot checks by peace and/or police officer
  • Minimum of one security guard
  • Supplemental staff as needed

Level 2 Events 

  • Attendance of more than 400 people, including staff 
  • Designated as a Level 2 event by the director of safety and security due to extenuating circumstances (i.e., threats, college rivalry, past incidents at similar events).
  • Minimum of one peace/police officer 
  • Minimum of two contract security guards 
  • Supplemental staff as needed

Level 3 Events 

  • Attendance of more than 900 people, including staff 
  • Alcohol allowed by permit
  • Designated as a Level 3 event by the director of safety and security due to extenuating circumstances (see Level 2).
  • Minimum of two police officers 
  • Minimum of one peace officer
  • Supplemental staff as needed

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