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Archiving a course creates a complete copy of a course in ZIP file format. All cumulative grade columns, student grades and associated settings in the archived source course are included in the course package.

Do not Archive a course if you are trying to copy the course to a new term shell. For this you want to Export.

First, select Export/Archive Course in the course you are making an Archive of

Then select Archive

Leave everything at the default setting.

*If you want to include the Grade Center History you can but it is not necessary. By including your grade history you are including every change made to each column for each student inside your grade book throughout the entire term. You do not need this to have your columns and grades, Grade History is different.

Click Submit

This will take you back to the Export/Archive Course page and the Archive file will show up in blue and you will get an email once it is complete. Click the blue link to download the zip file to your computer for your records.