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How to access the discussion board

In the course menu on the left hand side, click on Discussion.


If there is no Discussions on your left menu make sure to find out from your instructor where the forum is to enter the discussion. (Most often it will be found in Content)


Once you entered into Discussion, select a Forum to enter into. If you went to the discussion through the content area you will already be inside of the correct Forum.



Discuss Forum Parts


The arrows are pointing to what is called the Breadcrumb trail. The Breadcrumb trail is used to go out of the selected Forum. It is preferred to use this instead of the back button because using the back button might cause an error.


  1. Allows you to change from List View or Tree View
  2. Allows the user to create a new Thread (response to the discussion)
  3. Click a thread to open it (in blue). If the thread title is in Bold letters, this means it is an unread post. You may not be able to see any peer threads until you have made your own post.
  4. This button determines the number of items you can view per page.

How to create a thread in the discussion forum

On the Discussion Board page click Create Thread to post inside the discussion forum.


  1. This will be the title of your thread.
  2. In the message box you will type in your message, you’re able to attach files, images, weblinks, multimedia, and mashups if required/desired by using the text editor.
  3. This Expands and Collapses all the options you can see in the text editor.
  4. This is where you can upload attachments. Either click the Browse My Computer or the Browse Content Collection button depending on where the file you wish to upload is located.
  5. This is where you submit to create the thread. You can also save your copy to work on it later or cancel out of it to delete what you have done.

*Note: Not all professors allow you to go into your post and edit or delete a post once it is submitted so read over your post carefully before submitting. Always make sure to post as per your instructors directions.

To Reply to a post

Click a persons thread to view the post. Once inside you can read their comments and reply to them if you choose.

To reply just click the blur Reply button under their post and you will reply on the same page as their comment.


You can change the subject field or just type your response in the message box, attach a file in needed and submit to post or save draft for later editing.


List View vs. Tree View

List view presents the threads in a list as they are added to the discussion forum.


While the Tree view you can expand or collapse the threads (click the + or – above the thread) to see the replies inside a thread. This makes it easier to keep track of the conversations.



Not all features will be turned on. They may vary from instructor to instructor or class to class.