Welcome Alumni, and thank you for visiting the The SUNY Sullivan Alumni Association, a group created to foster open communication between SUNY Sullivan and all of its alumni and former students.

We appreciate your interest, and our goal is to help you increase your participation with, and support of, the college through various opportunities – from social and sporting events, to volunteerism, charitable giving, and so much more.


If you graduated or attended SUNY Sullivan between 1963 and the past semester, you are eligible to join the Alumni Association. The easiest way to join is to use our online registration form, which will deliver your information – securely and quickly – to our Alumni Association administrators.

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As alumni, your best way to support the college is to let people know about us, share your experiences and successes, and point people toward our great academic programs and admissions department – their phone number is 1-800-577-5243.

Alumni and former students are always welcome to attend sporting events, academic ceremonies, social events, and to inquire as to ways you may share your professional experience with current students by taking part in career-related activities.

Of course, alumni donors are some of our most generous supporters when it comes to charitable giving. Whether you want to give as an outright gift, or set up a creative program for extended giving, we have many opportunities to accept your generosity, and are open to new plans.

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