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Becoming a General starts with applying in just two easy steps, whether you are entering college for the first time or whether you are a transfer student.

Please note that there may be additional steps for special programs and/or specific populations of students.

Admissions Process

  1. Submit an Application

To apply, you can complete your application through our application, available through My SUNY Sullivan (no cost to applicant) or through the online SUNY application. Applications must be complete; incomplete applications are not reviewed. Online applications are preferred for fastest processing, though paper applications are available in our office/by request.

  1. Submit Your Transcript(s)

Students seeking admission to credit programs (degree and certificate programs) must have one of the following:

All official high school transcripts should list the date of graduation, or when the diploma was received. Transcripts are only considered official if they are submitted by a school official (such as a counselor). Applicants who have obtained a General Education Development (GED) diploma must submit official transcripts from a state Department of Education.

Transfer candidates must also submit all official college transcripts from all institutions attended. More information is available on the Transfer Students page.

All transcripts and documents received become property of the College and will not be copied or transmitted to third parties, except in accordance with state law.

Transcripts must be received by the start of orientation, and should be submitted prior to registration for best advisement. We encourage students to submit their most recent transcripts and to submit a final transcript which lists the date of graduation once it is available.

Admissions Policies

SUNY Sullivan has “open” admissions, as long as the admissions process is completed.

Candidates older than 23 years of age should review the Adult Students page. Candidates younger than 16 years of age should review the High School Students page.

Candidates who have been denied admission are welcome to submit an Admissions Appeal. Such students should submit an essay explaining why their previous grades were weak, and what they will do differently in college. Students must also have three teachers complete the Admissions Appeal Form on their behalf.

All candidate should review the College Catalog for a full outline of admissions policies.

After Applying

We also strongly encourage you to begin applying for financial aid as soon as you start your application in order to ensure you’ll have the aid you need!

Once you are admitted, there are Next Steps to Becoming a General that you’ll also need to complete.